I was recently suckered into a Vistaprint sale and now I have postcards! I'm sending one of these out with each Etsy order until I run out, so now's a great time to grab something.

Quite a few years back I went on a massive scanning spree and this image was always one of my favorite finds. My great grandpa John and his brothers somewhere in southwest Missouri... clearly having a great time. The story is that one of the brothers grew a long beard, banished himself to the woods, and tended an illegal still for a time. Badass! I went to that brother's 100th birthday party several years ago and I'm super sad this story wasn't further explored during the retirement home slideshow.

Rebel Road Company branding

Wishing y'all a happy early spring! I am ready to hit the road!! Texas Antiques Week is coming up in a few weeks... anyone going?