A few items fitting into the badassery category this week:

  • Gwen Stefani is confirmed on The Voice next season. This is epic. Yes, I'm kind of tiring of The Voice since it seems to always be on, but my biggest 1990's girl crush (see Gwen blog post here) will be on the same show as my biggest 2010's crush, Mr. Blake Shelton. Ohmygosh.
  • I got tickets for Eric Church's The Outsiders tour, featuring Dwight Yoakam AND Brandy Clark. Three favorites that I never would've grouped together, but I thank the universe for doing it for me. This leaves only one left on my 2014 concert wish list!
  • Finally, I only have to work the day job 'til noon tomorrow. HALLELUJAH. Hope you guys all have a fantastic weekend!