Inspirations | Dave Lefner

I've had a linoleum block sitting in my drawer for months now that I haven't quite worked up the guts to continue printing. It's the beginnings of a multi-color reduction print and I haven't done one of those since high school. It's a one shot sort of deal. If I screw it up, it's over. For some reason, it kind of terrifies me.

Last night I was trying to psych myself up for said project and I stumbled into this little documentary about a reduction linocut artist in Los Angeles. If you know nothing about the process, it's pretty interesting. If you've ever gone through the process yourself, it's downright impressive. Dave Lefner specializes in large scale pieces with a vintage pop culture theme. So amazing! I'm kind of in love with his studio too.

Check it out:

Documentary by Serena Creative

I think this gets my weekend set out on the right foot, how about you?