Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I was recently suckered into a Vistaprint sale and now I have postcards! I'm sending one of these out with each Etsy order until I run out, so now's a great time to grab something.

Quite a few years back I went on a massive scanning spree and this image was always one of my favorite finds. My great grandpa John and his brothers somewhere in southwest Missouri... clearly having a great time. The story is that one of the brothers grew a long beard, banished himself to the woods, and tended an illegal still for a time. Badass! I went to that brother's 100th birthday party several years ago and I'm super sad this story wasn't further explored during the retirement home slideshow.

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Wishing y'all a happy early spring! I am ready to hit the road!! Texas Antiques Week is coming up in a few weeks... anyone going?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Sale!

Oh heyyy! After a long time of radio silence, I'm back with a sale! Hope you're all having a lovely Thanksgiving. So thankful for all of your support! Use code 'THANKFUL' for 25% off my Etsy shop listings through Monday.

Rebel Road Company Thanksgiving Sale

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Motorcycle Safety Month!

May is Motorcycle Safety Month! Please share the road not just this month, but every day. My family, friends, and I would greatly appreciate it!

Please feel free to share! Ride safe, have fun.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Inspirations | Oklahoma Nursery

Rebel Road Company | Oklahoma Nursery

Back in March, I sent the first of my first Oklahoma prints to Emily. I didn't know it at the time, but Emily was decorating for her new son and I was so thrilled when she sent me these photos of my print in his new Oklahoma themed nursery.

Rebel Road Company | Oklahoma themed Nursery

I think it's safe to say that Emily knocked this one out of the park. How cute is this?!! [And I'm only slightly biased.] These teepee shelves? The arrows? The buffalo bobblehead? Shut up! Cutest nursery ever!

Rebel Road Company | Oklahoma themed Nursery

Thanks for sharing Emily! You're awesome!

[Print available from Etsy, Square Market, and Bourbon and Boots]

Rebel Road Company | Oklahoma themed Nursery

Thursday, May 1, 2014


A few items fitting into the badassery category this week:

  • Gwen Stefani is confirmed on The Voice next season. This is epic. Yes, I'm kind of tiring of The Voice since it seems to always be on, but my biggest 1990's girl crush (see Gwen blog post here) will be on the same show as my biggest 2010's crush, Mr. Blake Shelton. Ohmygosh.
  • I got tickets for Eric Church's The Outsiders tour, featuring Dwight Yoakam AND Brandy Clark. Three favorites that I never would've grouped together, but I thank the universe for doing it for me. This leaves only one left on my 2014 concert wish list!
  • Finally, I only have to work the day job 'til noon tomorrow. HALLELUJAH. Hope you guys all have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Story of Nubby the Box Turtle

Rebel Road Company | The Story of Nubby the Box Turtle

So... we've had a three-legged Ornate box turtle living in our front yard since the spring of 2012. His name is Nubby. He likes grasshoppers and strawberries make him smile. See?

Rebel Road Company | The Story of Nubby the Box Turtle

OK, maybe turtles don't smile, but strawberries are definitely a favorite. He was crossing the road in front of our house two years ago and the Mr brought him up to say hello. That's when I noticed his leg was missing and he had a hard time getting around. I know keeping a turtle isn't the thing you're supposed to do. You should help it get to the side of the road it's headed towards and leave it alone. But... we ended up building him a 4x8' enclosure. 

On one end, he has a large plant saucer for drinking and soaking and on the other end, a large soft spot with straw for digging and hibernating. In between he's got a 'cave,' where he spends most of his time. This year I added a strawberry plant and a piece of old particle board to attract worms and bugs underneath. He's a fan.

Lots of people bring their turtles inside for the winter, but we've let him hibernate outside. I've read that it actually extends their life expectancy by quite a lot to let them do what they do by nature, so we don't even see him for almost half of the year. This week, he emerged.

Rebel Road Company | The Story of Nubby the Box Turtle

Rebel Road Company | The Story of Nubby the Box TurtleRebel Road Company | The Story of Nubby the Box Turtle

Rebel Road Company | The Story of Nubby the Box Turtle

Being that we're in Oklahoma and fluctuating between 35 and 90 degrees this week, I really feel bad for the turtles! Must be hard to know if they're coming or going. Haven't seen any other turtles out and about yet, but it's been good to see our pal Nubby.

Is it spring yet where you are?